Healing Motions Massage Therapy

Services And Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.  Healing Motions' mission is to give a therapeutic bodywork session to your exact needs where you can feel rejuvenated and to educate individuals on how to become empowered to become the best version of yourselves through self-care and education on finding a way to wholeness and wellness.

Other Great Benefits of Healing Motions...

Corporate Massage

Chair Massage -convenient and relaxing while building morale in the workplace.

Spa Party

Customized party for your group giving you massage and wellness tips and treats combined.










Deep Tissue Massage$85 / 60 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage$110 / 90 minutes
Hot Stone Therapy$100 / 60 minutes
Hot Stone Therapy$135 / 90 minutes
Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage$85 / 60 minutes
Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage$110 / 90 minutes
Raindrop Technique$110 / 60 minutes
Reflexology$50 / 30 minutes
Swedish Massage$75 / 60 minutes
Swedish Massage$95 / 90 minutes
Vibrational$85 / 60 minutes