Healing Motions Massage Therapy

About The Practitioner

My name is Tabitha King, and I am licensed with the Virginia Board of Nursing and Board Certification in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (BCTMB). I trained at Centura College in Chesapeake, VA and graduated July 2008. I am a massage therapist because I have a passion and love for people and love the reward of seeing people more relaxed and happy when they walk out of my office. My goal is always to be of service helping people to STAY CALM AND RELAX ♥️

I am a wife, a minister, mother, sister and daughter and love my family. I am musically inclined and love to sing and I am learning to play the piano. I am currently in school at Liberty University Online studying to receive my Master's degree in Divinity with a concentration in Pastoral counseling so I can become a Marriage and Family Counselor and further my ministry endeavors. As I plan to continue Massage Therapy, all of these areas of my life are a big part of who I am, a servant in the community.  Healing touch has always been a big part of who I am and through my life's journey, I have found that my joy for singing and my passion for healing all goes hand and hand, and my motto is "Everything I touch is a song." I want to continue to be of service and to passionately work to help bring restoration to individuals need for healing through massage.